ESA Living Planet Symposium

ESA Living Planet Symposium

The GeoRice team attended the ESA Living Planet Symposium from 13th to 17th May 2019 in Milano, Italy. Thuy Le Toan introduced the GeoRice project in a talk entitled Regional rice monitoring using Sentinel-1 data – The GeoRice project. The updated rice monitoring algorithms and the challenges to upscale and transfer the GeoRice monitoring approach were discussed. In particular, the first results obtained on the large scale mapping of rice areas in South East Asia were presented.


Thuy Le Toan also gave a talk entitled From EO rice crop monitoring products to crop productivity, water use and methane emission in which hints are given to maintaining crop yield while reducing water used and greenhouse gas emissions.


In addition, Hoa Phan showed the methods and results of her Ph.D. thesis, which serve as a basis in the GeoRice project, in the poster entitled Mapping of rice grown area, rice phenology and biophysical parameters using Sentinel-1 time series data.

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